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App Provides Novel Method For Investing In Music Artists

With the goal of ending the ‘starving artist’ syndrome, Labelcoin is about launch what it describes as a new artist-centric music investment app that fuses Web3, securities law, and Wall Street-like trading. According to Labelcoin, a.k.a., the Robinhood of music, its emerging app will help thousands of musicians quit their second jobs and create consistent income streams without giving up control of their masters.

As opposed to irregular flows of income, Labelcoin can enable years of future income for artists via fans’ investments in their songs. Artists can sell portions of streaming royalties for their songs, called Notes, and fans start earning regular dividends from future streams. Artists placing their songs on Labelcoin retain full control and legal rights over their music and, unlike current music catalog sales, artists continue to earn revenue each time their Notes trade in the future.

Fans can invest in established artists or new music they discover through the Labelcoin platform. As song holders, they earn streaming royalties alongside the artist and can help that revenue grow by sharing the songs with their friends and network.

The Labelcoin launch aligns with the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas running from March 13 to 18, 2023. For greater gleanings and extensive enlightenment, ease on down the road to the Labelcoin website.